• The Band

    Heavy Metal Story

    With Steampunk Theatrics

  • Live at UITE Con

    A Stage Show

    Of Unparalleled Energy

  • Meet and Greet


    And Camaraderie

  • Battle Horn

    To Arms!

    Join us in the Fight!

  • The Azimuth

    "The Azimuth"

    Incredible Voyages

  • Pub Scene



  • Sir Ampington


    Of Epic Proportions

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Russ Turner Photography
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The Story So Far...

AUTOMATON is THE steampunk power metal troupe. They’ve played national conventions and acts with their steampunk-themed costume and epic glory-seeking lyrics. Imagine a melodic metal sound in the vein of Kamelot and Sabaton mixed with the retro-futuristic mannerisms of Steampunk. Expect a high-energy and playful performance. Bring your tankards, top hats and Maverick guns to sing along and headbang. This ragtag group of adventurers seeks to free the colony of Rekelar from the yoke of Ionia's industrial oppression. They travel at great risk, protecting a secret delivery of newspapers that will uncover the truth. So, without further ado...

Meet the Airship Initiative crew.

Duncan Batchworth III

VOCALS. Heir to the Ionian newspaper The Azimuth. Aims to bring journalistic integrity.


Captain Luther Meade

GUITARS. Gritty leader of the dirigible. Won't hesitate to make an example out of you.


Isaac Grimwood

BASS. Brewmaster's apprentice and stowaway on the Initiative. The crew looks past his mysterious history in exchange for contraband booze.


Mechanic James O'Brian

DRUMS. Proud tinkerer. His love of engineering is profound.


Professor Markus Wolverhampton

GUITARS. Professor in Anthropology and Abomination studies, acts as a liason to the Rekelarian mutants.


Thematically and musically, the band draws inspiration from a fantasy/science fiction setting similar to the Victorian era.
Fueled by the rush of heavy metal, listeners can expect AUTOMATON's stage show to reflect their dramatic journey traveling between two bitterly divided nations.
Listen to our debut scene-setting single, "Age of the Smokestacks" !